Control4 Universal Remote SR 250 User Manual

System Remote Control – SR-250  
Ultimate Control in the Palm of Your Hand  
The next generation system remote control preserves the same sleek, compact design  
while adding single key press device selection and context sensitive programmable  
buttons. Providing customization and control programming never before possible in a  
handheld device, this combination of flexibility and power creates a new remote that  
further simplifies the homeowners experience, liberating them from their cluttered and  
confusing collection of remotes.  
Featuring a high visibility screen, backlit keypad and bi-directional ZigBee (802.15.4)  
wireless connectivity the SR-250 puts information and control of the whole home right  
in the palm of the homeowner’s hand.  
It is all part of the Control4 vision. We bring the benefits of a truly automate a home  
to more people with solutions at are affordable, easy to install and designed to adapt  
to any home or lifestyle.  
Features and Benefits  
Turn down the lights in the den while  
channel surfing in the home theater.  
See what’s playing on the family room  
stereo while cooking dinner in the  
kitchen — then change the tunes with  
the push of a button. Check the house  
temperature from the bedroom — then  
bring it down a few degrees before  
heading out with the kids.  
Intuitive and Elegant Design  
Compact form factor — No other remote offers so much control in such a small package.  
Ergonomic design — Designed to match a hand’s natural curves, making it easy to hold and use.  
Easy to use — High visibility screen and backlit keys for easy use in any lighting conditions.  
Handheld Intelligence  
Quick access control — Single button press to turn on you’re a/v gear and start watching or  
listening to your favorite source.  
Bi-directional communication — Two-way communication with the Control4 home automation  
system gives users status information as well as control of any connected device.  
Anywhere control — Wireless connectivity enables control of any intelligent device from  
anywhere in the house; no more pointing the remote at the TV.  
Anything control — Control an entire home automation system with this compact device.  
Plug and play ease — Immediately works with the Control4 home automation system.  
Affordable For Every Customer  
Surprisingly inexpensive — Get complete home automation control at an affordable price.  
Cost-effective functionality — Matches typical home control touch screens and keypads in  
functionality — at a fraction of the cost.  
Single source of control — When integrated with the Control4 system, it can replace every  
other remote control in the house.  

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