Universal Remote Control Universal Remote UR J2000TVE User Manual

STEP3 Point the remote control toward  
the TV and enter the three-digit  
code from the code table. If  
there is more than one code  
number assigned to your TV  
brand, try one code number at a  
time until the TV turns off right  
after you entered the number.  
*Tip: Red light will blink twice.  
Operating Manual  
for 2 in 1 Cable TV  
Remote Control  
This remote control is preprogrammed  
to operate CABLE Box.  
The [CATV] button sends out the TV  
and CABLE power commands if you  
press the [CATV] button.  
To return to the original function, press  
the [CH-] button in the STEP2 .  
Please program it for your TV by  
following the instructions shown below.  
B. Recalling the TV Three-digit code :  
The remote control uses AAA batteries.  
Please be sure to match the batteries  
Searching Method  
STEP1 Press [TV] and [MUTE]  
buttons simultaneously until  
the red light is on.  
Press [CH +] button and hold until the  
TV turns off. As soon as the TV turns  
off, release [CH+] button.  
with the ( ) and ( ) markings inside the  
battery compartment during installation.  
STEP2 Press [VOLUME -] button.  
*Tip: You can confirm the power off and  
The red light will blink a number of  
times indicating the number of each  
digit of the code. Each digit is  
separated by one second interval of  
red light being off.  
*Tip: One blink, three blinks and 10  
blinks, indicates the code  
number 130.  
on by pressing [MUTE] button.  
STEP4 Press [TV] button to store the  
three-digit code.  
*Tip: Red light will blink twice.  
Install two AAA alkaline  
batteries as shown here  
Three-digit code :  
Set-up for your VOLUME control  
The remote control is preprogrammed  
to control VOLUME and MUTE functions  
through your TV. To switch VOLUME  
and MUTE functions to your Cable Box:  
Helpful hints  
Set-up for your Cable Box  
Press arrow gently &  
pull down to remove cover  
The remote control is preprogrammed  
to control your cable box. If it does  
not work properly, please set-up the  
right code by using the three-digit  
code or searching method.  
If you have a TV with a remote  
control, we recommend that you plug  
its power cord directly into a wall  
outlet if available (your cable installer  
may select an alternate setup)  
Programming your remote control  
STEP1 Press [CATV] and [MUTE]  
buttons simultaneously until  
red light is on.  
Setup for your cable box  
No setup is required. The remote control is  
preprogrammed to operate your cable box.  
STEP2 Press [VOLUME +] button.  
STEP3 Press [CATV] button.  
To return to the TV’s VOLUME, press  
[TV] button.  
Setup for your TV  
Find your TV brand and its three-digit  
code on the back of this manual. If the  
TV brand is not listed, please use the  
Searching Method in STEP3 .  
*Tip: Red light will blink twice.  
If red light does not blink when  
you press keys the operation is  
Make sure the batteries are  
inserted correctly.  
Replace old batteries with two new  
AAA batteries. Please do not mix  
old batteries with new ones.  
Set-up for advanced functions  
A. To turn on your TV and Cable at the  
same time with CATV button:  
STEP1 Press [CATV] and [0] buttons  
simultaneously until the red  
light is on.  
STEP1 Turn on your TV manually.  
*Tip : If you have RCA TV, dont turn  
on the TV.  
Universal Remote Control, Inc.  
STEP2 Press [TV] and [MUTE] buttons  
simultaneously until the red  
light is on.  
OEE-0017E Rev 02(05/14/02)  
STEP2 Press [CH +] button.  

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