Universal Remote Control Universal Remote RF30 User Manual

Getting Started-Overview  
This is what MASTERCONTROL RF30 is all about!  
The RF30 is designed to operate up to 15 different  
Audio/Video Components and is pre-programmed to  
operate virtually all brands of TV, VCR, DVD and CD  
Players, Cable Set Top Boxes, Satellite Receivers, TiVo  
and other DVRs, Audio Components, Tape Decks,  
Multimedia PCs, XM Radio, Ipod, X-Box, Lighting Controls  
and other custom installation products. It also offers an  
impressive lineup of special features designed to provide  
you with many time-saving conveniences and enhance  
your overall entertainment experience. However, we  
strongly recommend that you fully complete all of the  
Basic Setup steps before proceeding to customize your  
RF30 with any of the special advanced features.  
changes the page of  
buttons displayed  
takes you to the main menu  
Battery Installation  
The very first step is to  
tell by the + (positive) and –  
(negative) symbols. Once  
the batteries are correctly  
installed, replace the cover.  
Now you’re ready to start!  
insert the four AAA batter-  
ies that are included in the  
package into the battery  
compartment located in the  
back of the remote. Just  
press the tab and lift off the  
cover. Please be sure to  
insert the batteries correctly  
as you see in the diagram.  
Remember, there is a  
Touch the  
Screen to use  
the Screen  
positive and negative end  
to each battery and you can  
Activating Component Commands –  
Simple, Easy, Intuitive  
Light Button  
The fully backlit keypad makes the RF30 easy to use in the  
dark or dim lighting conditions. Simply press the LIGHT  
button to backlight all the keypad buttons and LCD touch  
screen. To turn off the backlight, press the LIGHT button  
again, or just wait ten seconds (the backlight automatically  
shuts itself off). Lights out!  
Once you’ve programmed  
RF30 for your Components,  
all you have to do to oper-  
ate a specific Component is  
first, press the MAIN button.  
This will display Page 1 of  
the MAIN menu on the LCD  
touch screen. Page 1 of the  
MAIN menu displays seven  
Components, plus FAV  
and select the next  
Component you want to  
If you don’t see the  
Component you want to  
control on Page 1 of the  
MAIN menu, just use the  
PAGE ( ) ( ) display buttons  
at the bottom of the screen  
to bring up Page 2 of the  
MAIN menu which displays  
an additional eight  
Try it out!  
(Favorite Channel). Then,  
simply select the  
Component you want to  
operate by pressing the  
desired Component display  
button on the LCD Touch  
Screen. As an example, if  
you press the TV display  
button, the display label at  
the top of the screen will  
change from MAIN to TV,  
and all the buttons on RF30  
Each Component is provided  
with four pages of pre-  
labeled command display  
buttons (or space for addi-  
tional command display but-  
tons). Once again, simply  
use the PAGE ( ) ( ) display  
will work your TV. To oper-ate buttons to take you to the  
another Component,  
next command page, or  
return you to the previous  
command page.  
simply press the MAIN  
button again to return to  
Page 1 of the MAIN menu  
Basic Setup - Overview  
There are two ways to program the RF30:  
• The Pre-Programmed Code Method  
• The Learning Method  
The Pre-Programmed Code Method allows you to set up  
all the buttons at once, so it’s the fastest and easiest of  
the two methods. The Learning Method allows you to  
transfer functions from other remotes (old or new), one  
button at a time.  
Pre-Programmed Code Method  
STEP 1:  
STEP 2:  
STEP 3:  
The pre-programmed 3-digit  
codes are found in the back of  
this Manual on page 44. The  
codes are listed by Component  
category (i.e., TV, VCR, DVD,  
etc.), then by brand name. For  
instance, if you want to locate  
a code for a Sony TV, first  
locate the TV category, and  
then look for the Sony brand.  
Now, turn on the Component  
you want to program... let’s say  
your TV to start. Look up your  
TV’s manufacturer setup code  
from your reference list.  
Press and hold the MAIN and ENT  
(Enter) buttons at the same time  
for approximately 3 seconds, until  
the word “SETUP” is displayed at  
the top of the LCD touch screen.  
This signals that you are now in  
setup mode.  
You now have 30 seconds to perform  
the next step while you are in SETUP  
mode. If you don’t press a button  
within 30 seconds, SETUP will disap-  
pear from the screen, signaling that  
you have exited setup mode and you  
will need to start over.  
Once you have located the  
3-digit code (or in some cases,  
several code numbers) for the  
Component that you want to  
operate with your RF30, write  
them ALL down on a piece of  
note paper. It’s important that  
you write down all the codes  
because only one code is going  
to work for you.  
The screen will then display the  
seven Components (and FAV) on  
Page 1 of the MAIN menu.  
STEP 4:  
Press the P-PRO button to select  
the Pre-Programmed Method.  
STEP 5:  
STEP 6:  
Press the Component button  
you want to program. For  
example: If you want to setup  
the TV Component button,  
press the TV Component but-  
ton. The display at the bottom  
of the LCD screen will flash  
In this step you verify the type  
of component you plan to  
operate with this component  
button. For example: If you plan  
to operate the TV component  
with the TV button, simply press  
the TV button once again.  
However, if for example you are  
setting up AUX to operate a  
second DVD Player, you would  
first need to press AUX in Step  
5, and then DVD in Step 6.  
To display Page 2 of the MAIN  
menu that lists an additional  
eight Components, simply press  
the ( or ) Page buttons at the  
bottom of the screen.