Universal Remote Control Universal Remote MX 980 User Manual

Operating Your System  
With the MX-980  
Universal Remote Control  
You’ve purchased a unique synthesis of hardware and software engi-  
neering, the Complete Control MX-980. The MX-980 achieves a mag-  
nificent combination of power and flexibility, simplifying and automat-  
ing operation of even the most complex system.  
Automatic Backlighting  
The integral motion sensor detects any movement of the remote  
control and automatically backlights the screen. You do not have to  
press any button to display the screen. Any movement of the MX-  
980 renews the backlighting.  
Integrated Sound Signaling  
The MX-980 incorporates a small speaker for beeps. Anytime you  
press a button, the MX-980 signals that it has understood your com-  
mand with a beep sound.  
Using the Color LCD and the Screen Buttons  
The MX-980 is equipped with a  
bright easy to read LCD screen  
which your installer will customize  
for your system. The screen labels  
the eight hard buttons (easy to find  
by feel) positioned on either side of  
the screen. Normally, the screen is  
“split” so each button is allocated  
to a specific function (as shown on  
the right). This provides you with  
the ability to see and operate up to  
8 functions on a single screen.  
However, your installer can com-  
bine two buttons to create a single  
row that can be accessed by either  
adjacent button. This simplifies  
operation for the entire family and  
enables convenient operation for  
both left and right-handed users for  
important functions you use fre-  
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Optional RF “No Rules” Operation  
In combination with an MSC-400 Master System Controller, or an  
RF Base Station, the MX-980 can control your system without being  
in line-of-sight of the equipment.  
The MSC-400 enhances the capabilities of the MX-980 by storing and  
issuing Smart Macros to your main system components. It is triggered  
by RF Smart Macro commands via RF (radio frequency). In addition,  
your MX-980 can control components in secondary rooms and systems  
via MRF-350 or MRF-260 RF base stations  
1.The MX-980 sends radio  
waves in every direction, so  
you don’t have to point the  
remote anymore!  
2.The RFX-250 RF Sensor can be freely  
positioned for optimal reception.  
3.The MSC-400 can control IR, RS232 and Relay controlled  
4. Self-adhesive “Flashers” affix to the  
Infrared sensors on the front panels of  
your components. Uniquely, all Complete  
Control base stations can also connect to  
components with rear panel IR Inputs via  
adjustable IR Line Outputs.The MSC-400  
offers RS-232 control via rear panel con-  
nections as well.  
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