Universal Remote Control Universal Remote MX 3000 User Manual

Owners Manual  
You’ve purchased a unique synthesis of  
hardware and software engineering, the  
Home Theater Master MX-3000. The twin  
goals of the design team were to improve  
the elegance and usability of touch screens  
through the physical design while providing  
a new standard in brightness, clarity and  
animation for the touch screen itself.  
Easy Operation  
By assigning the important home theater operational buttons to the  
natural resting place of the end users thumbs, the MX-3000 achieves a  
new standard in use and comfort.  
Automatic Backlighting  
The integral motion sensor detects any movement of the touch screen and  
automatically backlights the screen. You do not have to press any button  
to display the screen. Any movement of the MX-3000 renews the  
backlighting. To adjust the backlighting, see page 5.  
Connecting the Battery Pack  
Unlock the rear cover by using a coin to move the locking screw to the  
Unlock position.  
Remove the cover. For shipment from the  
factory, the battery cable is left unplugged.  
Plug the cable into the socket next to the  
battery. The connector is slotted to prevent  
plugging it in the wrong way, so don’t force it.  
Replace the cover and lock it into place with  
a coin.  
Battery Cable Plugged In  
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Using the Charging Base  
Plug the 5V DC adapter into a  
power outlet and into the back of  
the charging base.  
Gently place the MX-3000 into the  
cradle of the charging base.  
Push down on the base of the  
MX-3000 until you hear and feel a  
firm “click”.  
The Status light should immediately  
light. Red indicates that it is  
charging. Blue shows that it is fully  
The MX-3000 on it’s Charging Base.  
charged. There is no harm in leaving the MX-3000 on its charging base  
whenever it is not in use.  
Programming the MX-3000  
The MX-3000 is programmed via a windows PC equipped with a USB  
port (we include a programming cable in the box), using our proprietary  
software, MX-3000 Editor. You can download this software from our  
Basic setup takes only a few minutes with this software. However, to fully  
automate an audio/video system the user must have a detailed knowledge  
of how the system is connected and operated. We highly recommend that  
you use a professional audio/video installer to program your MX-3000 if  
you would like to enjoy one touch operation via macros.  
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No More Pointing!  
The combination of the MX-3000 with it’s companion MRF-250 base  
station will enable you to place your audio/video components out of sight  
behind closed doors and/or in another room of your house. The MX-3000  
sends radio signals to the MRF-250 throughout your house (50-100’ away,  
indoors or outdoors). The MRF-250 converts your commands to the  
infrared signals that control your A/V components.  
1.The MX-3000 remote  
control sends radio waves in  
every direction, so you don’t  
have to point the remote  
2.The MRF-250’s built-in Front Blaster sends commands to  
components in the same cabinet space as the MRF-250.  
3. Self-adhesive “Flashers” affix to the  
Infrared sensors on the front panels  
of your components. The Flashers  
relay commands to components out  
of sight of the MRF-250’s Front  
Blaster. The flashers plug in to the  
MRF-250’s rear flasher line outputs  
via their 10 foot cables.  
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