Unicol Universal Remote Wireless Remote Control User Manual

Reprogramming Wireless Remote..  
The AVMT employs a RF wireless remote control; this uses the Keeloqcode hopping system at 433MHZ  
(not for use in the US). The remote controllers act like a digital key, each remote has its own unique  
number embedded into it, one of 4 billion combinations. The remote key fob is linked to the trolley’s  
receiver via a learning process. The remotes can be learnt by several trolleys at once (giving you a  
master key), or you can link up to 50 remotes to one trolley (allowing for multiple key holders).  
To replace or relearn a remote controller, follow the process below:  
Gaining Access to the Receiver  
In order to access the receiver to reprogram it you will need to remove the back cover of the trolley.  
There are three Allen (HEX socket head) bolts attaching it to the chassis:  
With the back panel removed you can see the receiver module:  
At the bottom of the box there are two holes  
The unit is now in ‘learn’ mode. Now press a button on the remote control:  
The LED on the receiver will go off. Press the button on the remote again and the ‘Learn’ Led will flash  
for a few seconds and then go off.  
When this has happened the two units are then paired. Now pressing the triangular button will make  
the screen go up and pressing the circle button will lower the screen.  
For more information contact Unicol on 01865 767676  

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