Miglia Technology Universal Remote Infrared Remote Control User Manual

Infrared Remote Control  
User Guide  
This enables the viewer to either activate the TV window or cancel the window. Should two  
windows be open at the same time it will close the front window and bring forward the next  
By clicking on the mute button, the sound will be temporarily switched off. By clicking on the  
button a second time, the sound will be re-activated.  
Number Keys  
These are used to enter the channel number desired.  
When watching live TV, this allows you to go to the previous channel you viewed. This is also  
applicable to recordings as by pressing this button it will automatically place playback at the  
beginning of the recording.  
This automatically keys in a sequence of numbers. If the front most window is an alert dialog,  
pressing Enter is similar to pressing OK.  
Red button  
This will take you through all the windows you have opened but in a backwards manner.  
Green button  
This will take you through all the windows you have opened but forwards.  
Allows you to opens or close the TV windows displaying all of the programmes that have been or are  
scheduled to be recorded.  
This button hides and displays the on-screen remote control.  
Channel up and down  
Takes you to the next or previous channel.  
Volume up or down  
Increases or decreases the volume.  
Instant Replay  
Playback will automatically jump backwards for a period of time specified in the preferences  
control panel. The default time is always set to 7 seconds.  
Infrared Remote Control User Guide  
Play and pause  
This allows you to jump between playing back and pausing.  
This enables you to fast forward the programme you are currently viewing by 30 seconds. At the end of 30 seconds  
playing will resume. This is an extremely useful function for skipping scenes of an undesirable or violent nature.  
Fast Backward  
Plays the programme you are currently viewing in reverse at high speed.  
Red “L”  
Jumps playback to live.  
Fast Forward  
This plays the current programme at high speeds forward.  
Stop enables the current programme that is playing to come to an end. REVEAL is primarily a  
teletext function.  
This is a teletext function and enables you to display all interactives services.  
This button allows you to start or stop any recording of the current programme. Normal recording duration is set to  
three hours and this can be extended or shortened accordingly.  
SIZE is a teletext function.  
HOLD is also a teletext function. Pressing the HOLD button allows you to switch between the  
programme displayed and the full screen menu.  
SELECT is also a teletext function. Also enables you to navigate through the video inputs.  
ACCESSING and EXITING Full Screen Menu  
Pressing the ENTER button allows you to access Full Screen Menu and by pressing the ENTER button a second time  
allows you to exit from this menu.  
Selecting the OK button enables you to select any option within the Full Screen Menu and should you want to go  
backwards to a previous option at any moment, this can be achieved by pressing the ENTER  
Infrared Remote Control User Guide  

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